About Us

We at Esthete strive to breed mentally, physically, genetically sound English Setters of the Laverack type.

Our English Setter puppies are raised in a home environment and make excellent family dogs. Our goal is to breed dogs that

  • conform to the English Setter standard,
  • are train-able, intelligent, and birdy, so they can excel in many different activities, including conformation, hunting, obedience, and agility.

Our motto is "Striving to endow every puppy with healthy genes."

Starting in 1987, we have dedicated our lives to studying English Setters, striving to breed genetically healthy puppies, and making them the center of our lives. We have no kennel runs because the dogs live in the house with us, sleep on the bed with us, and do everything appropriate with us. us, they are family members, not just dogs. We make sure we don't have too many dogs so that each dog we do have gets plenty of quality one-on-one time with us every single day of their lives.

We are Dave Smith and Jill Warren. We live in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Santa Fe NM.